Monday, January 10, 2005

Introductory to new Woodworker's Edge Blog

Hey - This is a new blog dedicated to woodworking!

My brother, Glen Huey, and I produced our first multi-media DVD package in which he helps woodworking hobbyists gain a better understanding of woodworking basics and build a few beautiful pieces of furniture.

Glen is an accomplished woodworker. He has had his pieces featured in several period magazines, he is an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati, and contributing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He is also the author of two books on woodworking.

To find out more about the multi-media series please visit

In this blog we will share woodworking tips, short cuts and our thoughts on the tools making the news.

If you have specific questions please email us. I can be reached at and Glen can be reached at

Woodworker's Edge Tip:

When making a case piece, I often use a router to cut out the slots for the drawer dividers on the sides of the case. The problem is that I always seem to flake out the wood at the divider. The solution is quite simple. We suggest you use a table saw to cut an eighth off the front edge of the side. This will leave you with a nice smooth front side edge to work with and saves you from filling or sanding to get rid of the flake out.

I would love to hear about issues you are having with your projects.



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