Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The New Wood Masters?

We often think about our peers in the wood trade and ask of them who will be the new masters of woodworking? I bet that everyone has their favorites as we have ours. I am going to give you a few of the woodworkers that I would nominate for the title of new master. These guys are in my opinion on par with the masters in furniture making from the past.
(In no particular order and yes I am leaving some great craftsmen out - more on that later)
  • Randy O'Donnell (what a great Bombay chest he makes)
  • Charles Bender (A real craftsmen artist - see his highboys - amazing)
  • Donald Dunlap (our generation's Tage Frid - amazing work in NH)

I wonder if 200 to 300 years from now what the people will be saying about these craftsmen's work. I bet they will place these guys at the level of the Townsends and Goddards.

The standards set by John Goddard and furthered by the three modern craftspeople above is what we strive for in our work. We want our pieces to have a "soul" when finished. You can't achieve that feeling in your work if you always use the newest machines, bits, etc. Sometimes you have to pick up a chiesel, a mallet, and give life to your furniture.

We try to help you learn some of these things in our instructional packages available at www.woodworkersedge.com

Please pass along the modern master that you think captures the spirit of the old masters, I would love to be exposed to the people you think rank in this exclusive class.



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