Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Favorite Woodworking Book!

I recently was asked about my favorite woodworking book. While it is not technically a woodworking book, it is a book that most woodworkers would benefit by owning and reading. Or, at least looking at the pictures. The book is Albert Sacks "Finer Points of American Furniture" or what we affectionately call The Good, Better, Best Book!

In the book Mr. Sack, whom I had the pleasure to meet in their shop in NYC before it was closed, has taken pictures of some of the greatest pieces of antique furniture ever built and explained why one was particularly better than another. If you read and/or study the pictures you can gain a wealth of information as to what makes a piece great!

I have found it to be one of the most used books in my collection. I have used this book to combine aspects of a number of pieces to reach just what my customer has in mind as well as inspiring a few pieces that I have included in my books.

Just after you purchase my books, make sure to find a copy of "Finer Points of American Furniture". You will be pleased to have it your collection.

Build Something Great!

Glen Huey


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Carpenters and those interested in wood working might find this site informative :)

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